Maria Rosaria

Data Research

Brief info

One of our longest standing team members, an EDM scene nerd, there’s nothing about data research Maria Rosaria doesn’t know. After years working closely with our founder Rachel Strassberger, Maria deals with everything behind the scenes when it comes to researching PR, social media, booking agents, promoters, radio producers, playlist curators and music platforms.

With a finger in every pie, she can pull out whatever data it is that we need, whenever we need it, ensuring our campaigns are proactive and reactive in equal measure. For a data-driven company like Strassberger, Maria’s dedication and expertise are key parts of our work as we track records’ performances across all strata. When she isn’t busy listening to radio shows on her beloved 1001tracklist you can also find her following quite few flurry cats on Instagram - say hello at @msedm.