RELEASE: Rise Up 2021 [71 Digits Club Mix]

LABEL: Spinnin (Warner Music)

RELEASE DATE: 10/09/2021

  • Press release translation (SP/PT)
  • Continuous social media assets creation and coordination
  • DSP Playlist pitching
  • Targeted research & pitched based on past supportive outlets and suitable new targets across radio/media/blog/influencers (ENG / SP/ PT)
    worldwide DJ promo (ENG / SP)
  • Influencer outreach
  • Youtube Playlist and 3rd Party Upload Pitching
  • DJ Promo SP /ENG
  • International label outreach (pitch within Warner offices for label Digster playlist support and potential territory license)
  • Lyrics platform uploads
  • Russian VK social media profile creation and maintenance (in Russian)
  • Coordinate additional promo opportunities to push the track including Yves Larock Discord session
  • Daily Monitoring of track performance and organic growth from release day to post-release