Christina Carydias

Junior Project Manager

Brief info

Christina Carydias, the new member of our team here at Strassberger, has a strong passion for music and has been involved in the industry since the tender age of eight! Uploading covers of songs onto her Instagram account before she even hit double digits, has shown an uncanny natural ability to promote herself, even landing a song on Spotify, a skill that we’ve been more than happy to harness for our own clients. Having lived in countries all around the world (Egypt, Greece, Australia and now Spain) also earning a BA in Tourism Management and an MA in Linguistics has made Christina a natural people-person able to connect with our international partners, conversing directly in multiple languages, making her global campaigns flow effortlessly. A valued member of our growing Strassberger family. Christina is more than happy to see how she can help you with your project.

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