Ea Kaya has a wonderfully powerful, easily recognizable voice that contains just the right mix of childlike wonder and hard-hitting realism. “The true novelty of Ea Kaya’s style is her ability to marry her lovesick, intimate verses with an addictive and commanding chorus.” (Arc Street Journal)
. The young Dane’s got a special gift for storytelling and you’ll find yourself humming her melodies after a single listen.
Growing up in Copenhagen, the songstress spent a handful of her teenage years sharing content online. The YouTube-wave hadn’t yet reached Denmark, and though classmates found her weird, the determined teen hit two million views by the shy age of 15.
When finishing high school, Ea Kaya wrote countless of songs and began contacting record labels. At 21, Ea Kaya was offered her first record deal and she began releasing music in late 2017. The young songwriter was immediately praised by international music media sites, and industry heavyweights all over the globe tipped her as one to watch.
Ea Kaya’s debut EP “Fragile But Strong As Hell” has now reached 15 million streams and the songstress provided one of the biggest national radio hits last year with the beautifully haunting single “4 AM”.
Ea Kaya’s next chapter will focus on bringing a lively, organic soundscape into her music to capture her folky roots. Have a listen to the newest release ‘Skin and Bones’, which is a song about talking about one another with respect.